Dazed and Confused – An Excerpt from Chapter 6

Crying would do nothing for Sarah but to dehydrate her, so she vowed to herself that she would abstain until she got home.

Home, to her, seemed so far away. It felt like she had left Bertha weeks ago when Sarah knew she’d only been away for a few Days. Her heated conversation with Bertha had been filled with an eerie emotion. The mystery surrounding how she’d ever gotten through to Sarah ate at Sarah’s curiosity. Right when they needed most to speak to Birkwood, Bertha made herself a nuisance. Sarah later snickered to herself, realizing that she’d only done what she’d always dreamed of doing to Bertha – throwing her out of her life and into the digestive flames of an unforgiving Monster.

As if Sarah’s faculties hadn’t been scrambled enough from her hit to the head, now they were laced with images of MerMaids and Dragons. What was real, and what wasn’t? Was this all a long, terrible dream, a Nightmare?

From the first breath of air she had gasped on this new Land, Sarah had noticed something different. It was hard to lay a finger on, but Sarah gradually noticed little things about it as she walked. The colors were brighter. The Sky was bluer. The air smelled alluring but she wasn’t sure why. A strange energy danced on the Wind flying over the dunes. There was something irresistible about the atmosphere, something that made her feel like she couldn’t get enough of it. She looked around to see if it had the same draw on the others. They strode around looking like they normally did – bickering about menial matters and casting tense glances at her when they thought she wasn’t looking. Gerry did this more than anyone else. Sarah settled to understand that it was her mind, overtired and probably drugged with its own chemicals from adrenaline.


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