Dragon Guts – Excerpt from Ch. 6

Still dazed with adrenaline, Raeden rounded on Sarah, who collapsed to a weak sit.
“Yeah, so let’s talk about your little chat with Birkwood,” Raeden spat, her breath like daggers in her lungs, “Do you realize you just, like, chucked our last hope of rescue down the gullet of a Godzilla?”
“I – I’m sorry, I couldn’t think. And it wasn’t Birkwood,” Sarah gasped. Gerry sat down next to her, putting a hand on her forehead worriedly. She pushed him off, looking slightly irritated. “I’m fine.”
“No, you’re not.” he argued. “I think you’re running a fever.” She didn’t answer him, because Raeden’s temper exploded.
“Well who were you talking to?”
“Bertha who?”
Sarah blinked at her, not looking up to arguing with either her or Gerry.
“My guardian.”
“So my cell phone blows up, and YOURS still worked? How come you didn’t check it last Night?”
Raeden wasn’t about to let her off the hook. Gerry’s warning stare did not worry her in the least. Latisha, Keshawn and Mike were still catching their breath and listening with dismay.
Sarah’s next response was interrupted by a loud BOOM in the distance. Raeden turned her head with the others to see a great mushroom plume of smoke erupt from the direction they had been running. What looked like a flock of Birds flew up from the smoke into the air, flying closer and closer.
“Birds?” Latisha gasped.
“Debris!” Gerry choked, “Look out!”
Dragon guts rained down on them and Raeden screeched murderously upon finding a patch of scales and flesh on her shoulder. Sarah began gasping and crying in a panic, and Gerry took her in his arms. Raeden shook her head – he was comforting Sarah like she was a baby.
“Huh, looks like hers blew up too,” Mike pointed out, finding the nerve to laugh at the claw he pulled from his hair. “And hers made a bigger bang! Haha!”


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