Land – Excerpt from Ch. 5: Finding Forever

Gerry’s eyes wandered to Sarah’s, full of worry. But there was something else in his glance that Sarah deciphered as genuine emotion. He wasn’t even that attached to her! Why should he care if she died? Sarah thought she knew the answer, but she bit her tongue and closed her eyes. The last thing she wanted right now was a stomach lurching at the hideous idea of romance. Instead, she pretended that his emotion was stemming from the prospect of his survival after her death, and sue-happy Bertha taking him to court.

“Don’t move,” he whispered to her with a half-petrified glance, and then he left her.
Sarah was alone in the dark and the cold contemplating on whether to cry or not when Keshawn sat Raeden next to her.
“Stay here,” puffed Keshawn.
Sarah could only vaguely make out the shadowed figures under the Cloud-muffled Moonlight. The rolling motion of the waves soon had her head spinning and her stomach churning, so she closed her eyes.
MerMaids were in that Ocean somewhere. Sarah didn’t want to imagine what may have been creeping up on her from behind at any moment. If there was something there, it wouldn’t get a fight out of her. She was dead meat now.


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