MerMaids: Excerpt from Ch. 4 of Finding Forever

“Aw, man, we are in serious crap if she’s dead,” Keshawn moaned.
The submarine rocked as someone moved toward the back.
“Found her,” Gerry shouted, out of breath. “She’s back here. Oh man – not good. I think this is blood. Sarah! Sarah, wake up!”
Latisha finished elevating Raeden’s twisted ankle and crept along the wall to find her way back to Gerry and Sarah.
“I want to go home,” sobbed Raeden.
“I want to die,” choked Mike.
Latisha found where Sarah was lying. She stooped and found her face, placing two fingers above her lips.
A soft, weak breath blew over Latisha’s fingers.
“Not dead,” Latisha sighed in relief, and Gerry released the breath he must have been holding.
“Gracias a Dios!” he sighed.
“She’s unconscious. Don’t move her. We need to keep her warm.” Latisha said.
“No more thunder.” Mike noticed.
“No more electricity,” Keshawn whined, “Man, how are we supposed to surface with no electricity?”
Latisha had found one of the sleeping bags to cover Sarah with.
“We’re trapped!” Raeden cried.
“We’re going to die down here!” Mike wheezed.
“I’m going to kill you down here if you don’t be quiet,” Gerry warned them, growling in annoyance. “We’ve made it this far and we’re alive, don’t take it for granted!”
Suddenly, a piercing pitch met their ears. It sustained until another voice joined it, eerie and echoing. The sound was nostalgic and throaty, starting in the low range and soaring into a high conclusion. It was complimented by an occasional click.
“Whales?” Latisha guessed.
“Dolphins,” gasped Mike, “Too high.”
The singing of the dolphins was no solace to the crippled crew. It wasn’t until the deadened submarine gave a shudder that they realized how close the voices were. And how strangely Human they sounded.
“What’s happening?” Raeden said anxiously. “Why’s the sub moving?”
“Wait,” Mike regained his breath. “They’re not dolphins.”
The plaintive marine singing echoed in Latisha’s ears.
“What are they, then?” she demanded.
The pitch black was lifting into shades of gray and dark blue, and Latisha felt like she was in an elevator. She cast a glance around at the others’ horrified expressions. Sarah laid in a puddle of dark liquid on the floor. If Latisha hadn’t just checked that her pulse was still there, she would have thought Sarah was dead and fallen into hysteria.
“Whatever they are, they’re moving us to the surface,” Gerry said.
A lock of Human hair drifted onto the front window.
“Aww,” Keshawn moaned, his voice on the verge of panic, “this better be a joke.”
Latisha waited in stark anticipation until the submarine surfaced, and more Human hair drifted in front of the glass. A sliver of darkening dusk showed above the water line.
Gerry’s face was grim as he glared at the hair.
“Forget about the Constance. What is that?”
A small groan joined the ever-present singing – Sarah had awoken.
“I’m alive,” she whispered, and Latisha scooped down to hug her. “My head – I hit my head. What’s that sound?”
Latisha couldn’t answer her.
“Omigosh – omigosh – omigosh!” Raeden whimpered, curling up in her seat.
Then it was there, looking in at them. A distinctive Human-like face with large blue eyes and shimmering pale skin and what looked like gills on either side of its neck. The Creature stared in at them curiously, looking Childlike. Latisha swallowed a scream at the bizarre, beautiful appearance. It appeared to be female, having the torso of a Human WoMan with a midriff top sewn from SeaWeed and sparkling scales.
“Don’t move,” Gerry breathed tersely.
The MerMaid blinked at them and grinned ominously, flashing teeth as white as pearls. Her brown hair floated behind her like a curtain as she swam past the window with a long fishlike flipper for a tail, trailing what looked like scale glitter behind her in the Water.
“MerMaids.” Mike gasped, astonished.


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