Excerpt From Ch. 3: Finding Forever

“So, Sarah,” Latisha yawned, “what does the diary say about the treasure?”
“Um, not sure yet. Actually, I haven’t had time to read it.”
Sarah stood and pulled the diary out of her knapsack from the overhead hatch. She sat and opened the case.
“Wow,” Latisha said in awe. She touched the leather cover. “How old is it again?”
“Over 200 years,” Sarah replied, flushing in pride. She opened the diary carefully. “It belonged to my distant ancestor Teresa, who died on the ship. Dr. Birkwood said she knew about the treasure but didn’t tell anyone.”
“Then how do we know it’s real?” came Raeden’s voice from behind them.
Latisha rolled her eyes and Sarah smiled.
“Well, Dr. Birkwood said she wrote about it in her diary,” Sarah told her.
“Yeah, and you haven’t, like, read it?” snapped Raeden.
“Not yet. I just got it yesterday,” Sarah said, hoping she didn’t sound whiny. Where was Raeden going with this argument, anyway? Was she making Sarah out to be some inattentive and vacuous dolt? Sarah felt an edge of worry crawl onto her brow.
Latisha came to the rescue, her voice low and reproachful. She took the diary and waggled it over the seat.
“This is real, isn’t it, Raeden?”
Sarah couldn’t help sharing a victorious smirk with Latisha as Raeden released a petulant lip-smack and a loud sigh.
Then Gerry’s voice was heard behind them. He spoke soft and low, so as not to disturb the other sleeping passengers.
“Birkwood researched this for years, you know. He wouldn’t spend all this money to send us all out to look for it if he wasn’t sure it was real.”


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