Excerpt Ch 1: Finding Forever

Sarah was grateful to be allowed to go anywhere without Bertha. But with the prospect of big cash being considered, Sarah also felt used. She allowed herself to smile at the thought of big Bertha squeezing into a scuba suit. No, Bertha certainly wasn’t going to work for the money she raked in. She never had.
But Sarah wasn’t entirely sure she was up for it, either. She was a solitary home body. She’d never flown or even been on a boat, much less a submarine. Sarah was worried that she wouldn’t like it and that she would get scared and embarrass herself in front of the other team members. Embarrassment that hadn’t happened yet burned her cheeks. Oh, the myriad of ways she could make a fool of herself! It haunted her worse than any threat Bertha had ever made. It would only be a matter of time before the judgment had been passed by the other team members that Sarah was a useless wall flower.
Yes, the other team members. Social interaction. If socializing were a subject, Sarah just knew she would flunk it. She feared the worst embarrassment with the men, since Sarah had never grown up with a man in her life and she didn’t know how to talk to them. And the prospect of any kind of romance was pitifully dull for Sarah. The very idea made her stomach lurch. She was never getting married.


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