Lost Treasure – Excerpt from Ch. 1 of Finding Forever

“This was found in a clay jug that washed ashore in Florida this past April. Since then, it has been preserved and inspected. Apparently it belonged to a girl named Teresa Summerfield.”
Sarah’s eyes lit up, shining as blue as any Cloudless Sky.
“Your ancestor, yes, Sarah. We found you by following her genealogical line, as I explained to you earlier, Bertha.”
The fat Woman nodded dismissively. Birkwood addressed Sarah.
“Apparently you’re related to an uncle of hers, who came to America before her family did. You’re her only descendant left.”
“Wow,” Sarah said, smiling. “That’s really … wow.”
Her sense of self-worth glittered all over her pretty face.
“It’s quite extraordinary, I’ll admit,” Birkwood declared proudly. “During our inspection, we did have someone read the diary. We learned quite a few things. Teresa wished for the closest of her relatives to have the diary. But we also discovered something else.
“The ship Teresa traveled on sank before it reached America. That explains why her uncle’s travel papers were found at Ellis IsLand, but hers weren’t. It was a terrible tragedy. But it was rumored that Teresa’s very ordinary passenger ship, called the Constance, was carrying a very precious cargo.”
Dr. Birkwood closed the diary and patted it gently.
“Treasure. Gold and silver and jewels, believed to be a dowry for a noble woman traveling in disguise to the Americas to her husband. Our Teresa seemed to have found a movable slat in the floorboards of the second deck and discovered it on accident. She never told anyone – but she wrote about it in here.”
“How much is it worth?” Bertha demanded.
Now he had her attention.


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