Finding Forever – Excerpt Ch. 1

It wasn’t until the beast was practically breathing in her face that Sarah landed back in the real world and screamed. She tripped over her blankets and crawled clumsily away from her hot-headed guardian.
But it was no use. The gargantuan fat lady had her sausage fingers around Sarah’s pencil-thin arms.
“Don’t run from me, stupid, you know that doesn’t work,” Bertha bellowed in an aggravated tone.
“You – you scared me,” Sarah gasped, wondering how on Earth she could have missed the sound of the squeaking stairwell under Bertha’s massive bulk. The pull of independence was so strong to Sarah that it deadened her other senses just at the idea of it.
Bertha heaved her up and kicked at the magazine, looking at her with disgust.
“And what’s this?”
Sarah said nothing, keeping her face expressionless so her guilt wouldn’t be readable. Bertha could probably smell the fear on her, anyway. She was like a shark sniffing blood. She could smell Sarah’s anxiety from miles away and charge in to feed on it. Sarah watched Bertha’s cat, Beauty, lumber in and sit her thick feline tail right on the magazine.
“It’s – it’s nothing,” Sarah choked, finally.
Why had she been so inattentive? Now, she was going to pay for it.


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