Finding Forever: Excerpt from Chapter 1: An Astonishing Discovery

On a sunny Saturday in June, there was nothing that Sarah would have rather been doing than looking through that frequently visited magazine that she had slipped in with the groceries once when her guardian wasn’t looking.
Not scrubbing dishes. Not mopping the floors. Not mowing the lawn or playing Cinderella to her fat guardian. All of that was done. Now, it was Sarah’s time.
Sarah liked to fantasize that she would someday be as pretty and talented and popular as the celebrities. Because she wasn’t. She wasn’t any of those, except maybe, beyond her reticence, she might have been somewhat attractive. The shots of the stars modeling clothing and jewelry radiated independence and individuality, two things that Sarah wanted desperately. She could sit up in her room in the attic for hours dreaming about what her life could be like if she had those two things. Without them, her life was a hellish torture of emotion.


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