Finding Forever: Excerpt from Prologue

Her mother had fainted. Her father was fraught, trying to revive her amidst the turmoil of the other passengers. Standing at the railing of the tilted ship, Teresa prayed for the wind to sweep her into the vicious waves right then, so that her suffering would not be prolonged.
It didn’t happen. She opened her mouth and screamed into the storm. Her wet hair was plastered to the sides of her head, just like the seaweed would soon be.
With the last of her courage, Teresa flung the clay vessel into the ocean, praying desperately that someone, someday, would find it and read its secrets.
The water was starting to lap at her heels and she didn’t care anymore. She was a satisfied dead girl.
Teresa directed her gaze to the blame of her untimely death – the sky.
While she was still watching, the lightning targeted and struck her.


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