Advertise Like Your Cat…

Advertise Like Your Cat


Here’s a scene for you. You lay down on your stomach on your bed and flop out your notebook to start writing your next greatest piece. You’ve been pondering and scribbling things down for about 30 seconds when you feel the springs on the bed shift. The next thing you know, there’s a furry tail right under your nose and your cat has planted her magnificent butt right on top of your notebook.

Sound familiar?

Here’s another one. You’re sitting in your armchair in the living room with your laptop on a lap desk. Armchair = Room for One. You’ve just found a fantastic comment on Facebook about one of your friends and you laugh. 5 seconds later, a furry monster leaps nimbly up to perch on one arm of the chair. Scrutinizing your enjoyment at the computer with a scowl, she proceeds to paw across your stomach and burrow into what little space you have left between yourself and the lap desk. This includes sitting on the keyboard and staring straight into your face to make sure you’ve got the idea.

Why do cats do this? They see you giving greater attention to something else. They get jealous. So, they find a way to gain that attention back. Cats are annoying sometimes, but they are really brilliant creatures.

What would life be like if authors could advertise their books in a similar fashion? Relentlessly. Always alert. In your face. Never settle for less than the best.

As an author, sometimes I feel like I’m not really giving it my all. Its heartbreaking, I know. Your book is like your baby and there is never a time when you should ‘forget’ that it’s there. But I do, because I’m human.

Then of course my cat reminds me that it’s all about persistence. If you find a block in the road (or a computer on mom’s lap), then you don’t stay sitting on the floor. You want the attention you deserve. So go out there and get it!

Only, don’t follow people into the bathroom and then sit on the tub to stare at them – like a cat. A nice poster would do instead.



2 thoughts on “Advertise Like Your Cat…

  1. I have been in those situations many a time… Any time I’m working on something–writing, typing, drawing, painting–there my cats are for their attention! Haha.

    Nicely done on this original, relatable, and amusing post!

    • Haha, thanks Haylee! I’d actually started writing something else when she jumped in my lap again and put her nose right in my face. Do your cats chase your pen/paintbrush too? Mine tries to eat the pen cap like candy, haha!

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