Do Authors name their real kids after characters?

Pardon my curiosity … but I’m wondering if it’s possible for an author of a book to name their children after a character they wrote in a book. What might be the pros and cons of that? Would that child recieve a lot of teasing because of it? Or what if the book went really big and then the kid would probably be respected a lot.

The reason I ask is because my husband and I hope to start a family someday soon, and we are mulling over the tons and tons of names that we could choose for a boy or a girl.

Initially when I wrote The Lands of Forever at 15 years old, I had named my main character Serena only because I genuinely thought the name sounded cool and that any girl who had it would be really pretty. But … and the thought has crossed my mind … what would happen if in the future, I had a little girl, and I named her Serena? 

Over the years I think I have developed a growing fondness for the name Serena. It means “serene” and since I am a Christian, I like to seek God’s peace and I would hope for my children to seek the same. I’ve never met anyone with the name Serena, but I think it would be really awesome to get to know the personality of someone with that name. Serena sounds whimsical and beautiful, it rolls off of your tongue just right and it perfectly fits the main character that I wrote about when I was 15. But just because I named my character that, does it mean that it’s right for a child?

I am stuck in a quandry and don’t know what I should do. Since this is a unique situation and I don’t know any other fantasy/adventure novelists as young as I am, I’m not sure who to ask.

If I did name a future daughter Serena, it would be almost like one of those weird celebrity names to me, I think. Because I developed the character of Serena, how would a real child be different from my character? Would she really appreciate her name, or would she hate it because it’s so different?

If it was me (and I was my own daughter) I would love the name Serena. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the name my parents picked out for me: Ruth Anne. But if I was my own daughter and my mother had written a book when she was 15 years old and decided to name me after the adventurous and beautiful main character, I think I would be totally stoked. I’d read that book through and through and probably brag about it to any of my siblings and claim that I was mom’s favorite because she named me after Serena, her first main character.

But there’s no way of telling what that darling daughter of mine (if I have one) may think someday. She might hate it and get picked on a lot (although its hard for me to think of a way to mock the name Serena). I think I’ll keep Serena in the bank of favorites for now, and then when a daughter is born, we’ll decide then and there at the hospital.


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