Synopsis for KittyVixen, 2nd Book

On an Enchanted IsLand in Forever live the CatFoxes – humanistic half-Cat half-Fox Creatures. For thousands of years, the royal line of the Blacktails have seen only male heirs. When the notorious tyrant King Jagin learns of the birth of his firstborn daughter, he condemns her to death at once. The beautiful Princess Nightshade with purple eyes is rescued from execution and grows up to embrace her father’s expert swordsmanship unbeknownst that she is the long-lost Princess the MerMaids and Pirates speak of. But one Day, when a pair of bumbling Bounty Hunters meet her in the Woods, the young Warrior’s World is turned upside down. Dodging the blades of her Hunters and the wild terrors that roam Forever, Nightshade flees inLand to plan an attack on her own Castle and wrestle the reigns of the throne from her deranged father. Nothing can stop her, or so she thinks, until she discovers that she has fallen in love with Andor, her charming assassin. Packed with action, adventure, mystery and romance, the tale of KittyVixen is an irresistible addition to the Chronicles of Forever series – the place where anything is possible!


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