Hoot Owl Destiny

Growing up, my grandmother Anne (who I’m told I am the spitting image of) LOVED owls. I mean seriously, she collected little owl trinkets like you would not believe. Bard owls, screech owls, great horned owls – the whole lot.

My grandpa saw that she loved owls so much that when he bought a car, he made the license plate HOOT OWL. I’m not joking. He gave that car to me when I was 17.

Then she passed away when I was 18. I missed her terribly. But good ol’ grandma Annie wasn’t finished with me yet. Apparently, she has her way with things, including my destiny.

After I was married, the same grandpa gave me his house. It was a chore of my husband and I to clean out all of the little owl trinkets and it was kind of emotional for me, so I kept a few of them for the memory.

So I’m an author. I try not to broadcast it to everyone, but I had been looking to publish for some time. Soon after we moved into grandma Annie’s house, I stumbled across a publishing company via facebook. And guess what the logo for this particular company is? AN OWL. Not joking. Worse, the publishing company is located in Wisconsin. When I was very young grandma Annie and I had a cabin in the great north woods of Wisconsin where I would sit on the back porch and hoot at all the hoot owls.

Now, my dear husband David has found himself a job. This just blows me over backwards. But, it isn’t just any job. It’s a job that will support our family. And, he’s working at ANOTHER company whose LOGO IS A HOOT OWL!

This is no joke. Destiny is real and my grandma Annie has quickly made herself a part of it. I went to put flowers on her grave the other day. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I feel like she’s not really gone at all. She lives on in me.

I love you, Nana …


One thought on “Hoot Owl Destiny

  1. And of course – the one song that the student practicing his horn in our school was playing today was Nana’s favorite song: “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Almost made me cry. You could hear it throughout the whole school.

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