Demonic Delight – an excerpt from KittyVixen, my 2nd novel

Excerpt from KittyVixen, Part 1: Escape from the Bounty Hunters, Chapter Three: Bounty Hunters.

The Wind rustled through his silver hair as he speculated the long black hair of the sleeping KittyVixen. He smirked, an evil smile to say the least, thinking about how careless she was to leave the window open to trick him.

Ah, yes… You would have to wake up pretty early in the morning… He raised his silver dagger… to pull one over on old Andor…

And the Boy heaved his strength into stabbing the dagger.


Like Lightning, Nightshade spun over, wielding her long sword expertly, and engaged herself in a blade lock with her assailant.

But blades were not the only thing that was locked between Nightshade and Andor.

Spears of sparkling purple crystal pierced into Andor’s eyes as they swooped within two mere inches of his face and between their blades, and his stomach leapt.

Nightshade almost gasped as she looked at him. She had never even seen another Creature of her own species, least of all a smelly Forest Boy with blue Mist for eyes. But she held her sword strongly – her chest was burning with adventure.

“Did anyCreature ever tell you that you have the most beautiful eyes?” Andor breathed almost mockingly, trying his luck at innocent charm (another gift he had learned to possess in times of trouble).

Nightshade held his icy white-blue gaze, and snarled,

“Don’t think your charm is going to bring my guard down, you worthless miscreant!”

“My, my, such a naughty tongue for such a pretty Girl…” Andor continued, and reached out to touch her hair.

A long, sharp blade blocked his way, slicing through the air, and nearly, his hand.

“Now, now Princess…” chuckled Andor, withdrawing his dagger as though it were all a game. Nightshade was agitated by this.

“Don’t you ‘now, Princess’ me, you inconceivable murderer!”

Andor raised his eyebrows.

“Who are you, anyway?”

The silver CatFox stood, inhaling deeply as the Breeze rustled his tufted silver hair.

“My name is Andor.” He replied, sheathing his dagger.

“And what are you doing in our cottage at this time of Night?” the Warrior KittyVixen demanded to know.

Andor strode around the room and came to the vanity where, hanging off of one side of the square mirror, was the delicate black silk that had garbed the Girl as a KitCub.

Nightshade sat up and threw the covers off of her bed. Standing, she poised herself for attack.

“Answer me!” she commanded.

Andor merely sighed, and reached out to touch the black silk.

Again, a shining sword with a sparkling amethyst set in its hilt barred the Assassin’s way. Orchid eyes locked his gaze two inches from his face, and his stomach flipped again.

“If you so much as think about touching that silk, I will slice you open and feed you your own innards.” she hissed.

“Poisonous, are we, Princess Nightshade?” the CatFox chuckled, his face alight with demonic delight. He rather enjoyed teasing this pretty Princess.

“You had better believe it, Andor.” the Warrior Princess spat.

Without warning, Andor drew his dagger and leapt at her.

But Nightshade was ready for him.

Their blades locked, and Andor came nose-to-nose with the KittyVixen.

“Well, Poisonous,” he cackled, staring hard at her, “get ready to meet your fate – Venomous!”

Suddenly, a loud scream issued from the bedroom next door, and both Assassin and Princess turned to look at the doorway.

“Agh! Ma pour leg!” whined Toonad, limping into Nightshade’s bedroom with a bleeding shin. “Dat old TreeRat is more limber dan ‘e looks!”

Squeege’s shadow, seen plainly in the doorway, groaned loudly and kicked at something similar to a blanket on the ground. He began to pursue two shadowy figures that were rushing to the door.

“Oh, what about our little Nightshade?” sobbed GingerLily, inserting another arm into the haversack Eaglefur had pre-made for her.

“She’s fine, dear-” the old brown Squirrel replied, following his wife’s act, “-she’s a Warrior and well able to take care of herself!”

A wooden door slammed, and Squeege made to chase after the Squirrels.

Andor released a sigh.

“Squeege, let them go. We got what we want right he-”

Nightshade took this open window of opportunity.


In less than two seconds, Nightshade had tripped him backwards behind the ankles, landed him on his back, disarmed him, and sat right on top of his stomach, one hand brutally grasping the front of his tunic while the other pointed a very sharp-looking sword at his throat.

“Truce?” he coughed, putting his hands up.

“I don’t trust you.” Nightshade spat bluntly, but honestly.

“Alright, then, I don’t trust you either, Princess.”

“And don’t call me that.”

“Alright, then, Poisonous.”

“Don’t call me that, either.”

“Well, what do you want me to call you, then?”

Nightshade leaned very close, so that her long black hair fell into his face and smothered him uncomfortably.

“Nightshade. Call me Nightshade.” she whispered to the wide white-blue eyes.

Andor gulped.


Nightshade did not protest as the three CatFoxes tied her up and carried her off to their camp.


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