The Lands of Forever Excerpt: Chapter 1

It feels good after so many years of working on other pieces to focus just on The Lands of Forever again. The book is already 9 years old. In my blog, I hope to provide character analyses and synopses on each of my 6 books.

As you may know, my first piece is the Lands of Forever, which I wrote while I was still in high school. I was 16 and a HUGE dreamer.

KittyVixen is my second piece, also written in high school. I was 17 and DEFINITELY still a huge dreamer.

The Flower of Forever is my third, which I started in high school and finished my freshman year of college. I was 18 and a dorky freshman.

The Lost Legend of the Endless Mists is my fourth book, which took almost two years for me to complete.This one made me pull some of my hair out, but it’s gonna be a good read. I twisted this story up REALLY good.

The King of Dragons’ Prophecy is my most recent finished piece. Yeah, it’s about Dragons. What would any good fantasy novel be without a couple of fire-breathing Lizards with wings? (Don’t tell the Dragons I said that, they might come after me. They really HATE the L-word…)

Currently I am working on my 6th piece on Chapter 29, which is t 1st chapter of Part 3 (of 3 Parts). AND I’M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT GETTING TO WRITE THE ENDING!!! It’s going to be called StarChild, and I hope to finished it maybe by summer. Hopefully. *Fingers crossed*

I am planning several other pieces after StarChild, the next of which I am sure is to be called J. That’s a story that I’ve had floating around in my head since I was in like middle school. I’m super PUMPED about writing this one. But I can’t give any teasers away right now since it’s still in pre-drafting form. What’s that? Yeah, I know I’m such a jerk. Tease you with the title then leave you hanging. But hey, I’m an author. Cliff-hangers are kinda my thing … XD

If you wanna read some synopses on the first 6 books, feel free to go to my website at Don’t be afraid to creep on me. I like the attention. 🙂

The Lands of Forever will always hold a very special place in my heart. It is my first book, kind of like my first success. There is nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment after adding the final touches to the last chapter.

In The Lands of Forever, I have only one main character whose viewpoint I use. That is 16 year old Serena Gordon. Since I was that age when I began the storyline of The Lands of Forever, I found comfort in walking through my first piece as my own character. In some ways, Serena is like me. She has long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She loves adventure and she’s clever. Also, she’s very sensitive to conflict and sometimes quiet and thoughtful. In contrast, Serena’s upbringing was different from mine. The only other thing Serena and I share in common is our discovery and love of the Lands called Forever.

Included below is an excerpt from The Lands of Forever, Part 1: At Home, Chapter 1: The Diary


Obese American Bertha Blackhour pranced the attic of her little house in Springfield, Illinois, muttering dire threats under her breath. Something in the shadows moved, catlike and hardly noticeable. But Bertha was a born hunter, and turned her head slowly to where the something had moved. Hiding a triumphant smirk, she slowly turned on her heel and tip-toed towards the pile of boxes stacked in a corner. Sliding in between two box towers, she pushed aside a curtain and grinned down at her sunbathing feline accomplice, Beauty, with crooked yellowed teeth.

Bertha Blackhour had found the starved black kitten with sunken yellow-green eyes and bent whiskers a pitiful sight on her front doorstep. Even more so was that pity magnified when the girl that she was rearing found the cat and immediately insisted that they bring her in. So, with what sympathy she could muster up, she allowed the young girl to bring the bedraggled kit inside and warm and feed her by the fire. Now Beauty, as the cat was ever so inappropriately named, was just as fat and evil as Bertha herself, and the two became somewhat attached.

The cat smiled up at her owner with wicked yellow eyes, her happy purr sounding much more like a threatening growl. Bertha didn’t need to ask what she wanted of her; Beauty already knew. With a heavy THUMP! she landed on the ground from her perch on a box, and lumbered into a slow trot. Bertha followed her, a victorious smile hovering on her warty features.

Beauty climbed over a box with a loud cat grunt and leaped onto a heap of blankets which seemed to be flapping in the wind. Bertha looked at the window – it was sealed tight.

The flapping stopped as something beneath the heap of blankets seemed to find a comfortable spot.

Bertha stomped her foot and crossed her arms, putting on her best lecturing frown for special effects.

“Serena!” she thundered. Beauty leaped down from the pile and blithely began to bathe her fat paw. Bertha tapped her foot impatiently as the blankets prepared to erupt.

Suddenly, the head of a pretty blonde-haired girl sprouted from beneath the blankets. She yawned widely and looked sleepily at Bertha.

“I should have known you would be in your bed,” snapped Bertha, “sleeping lazily while there’s work to be done!”

The skinny sixteen year old girl, whose name was Serena, shrugged, staring at the ground sadly.

“What didn’t I do? I cleaned the kitchen and the bathrooms, vacuumed the basement, dusted the china cabinets, and mowed the front lawn… I got all of my chores done early today, and you said that if I did, I could have a nap.”

“I said you might earn yourself a nap.” growled Bertha, looking the young girl straight in the face with breath that would put a dead skunk to shame. “But I’m not going to get into that now. I came up here to drag you over to some scientists’ lab in Chicago.”

“Why?” Serena wanted to know. She emerged from her sadly-made bed, an attractive young girl dressed in a powder blue t-shirt and bell-bottomed jeans.

Bertha grabbed the girl’s wrist and pulled her over to the door.

“Some scientist guy said he found a diary… a two-hundred year old diary, mind you, and it was to the writer’s wishes that the closest of her relatives receive it. They did this little DNA thing with some hair they found of hers, and apparently, you’re the only relative she has left. You’re related to her uncle’s cousin… or something like that.”

Serena Gordon almost tripped as Bertha yanked her down the stairs.

“Wow.” she mused, catching her balance and trying to fall in step with the short, scuffy steps of her guardian. “What am I going to do with it? Donate it to a museum?”

Bertha stopped abruptly and whirled around in a fly of wispy, course brown hair.

“You’ll give it to ME, that’s what you’ll do with it!” She pointed her blunt, cracked finger at Serena and punctuated each word with an unpleasant poke on the nose. “That diary is worth thousands of dollars – the scientist told me so. Can’t you imagine the money we could get out of this? It would be like winning the lottery!” she bellowed dreamily. “We would live in luxury!”

“You mean you would live in luxury.” mumbled Serena, slitting her shimmering blue eyes. “And haven’t you thought of the sentimental value? Just because I never knew this person doesn’t mean I don’t care about her! She’s the closest I’ll ever have to a sister! I want to keep her-”

“You will give it to ME!” seethed Bertha through clenched yellow teeth. Serena almost choked on her foul breath. “…OR ELSE!”


Tell me what you think! I would love feedback! Thank you!


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