Synopsis for The Lands of Forever, by Ruth Anne Meredith

16-year-old Serena Gordon is a Cinderella of sorts, living as an orphaned child in a small city with her enormous, evil guardian Bertha Blackhour. Serena thinks she is living an ordinary life when one day she is presented with a 200-year-old diary from her British ancestor, Teresa. As Teresa’s only living descendant, Serena reads how Teresa’s ship entered a perilous storm with blue lightning, leading the young traveler to her fate. But Teresa’s ship wasn’t the only vessel lost – even in the last year, two modern-day ships were lost on the Atlantic Ocean in what scientists predict could be the same location. To crack the mystery of the missing ships, Serena is asked to accompany a discovery team to the location. After crashing in a monstrous storm at sea, the discoverers are accidentally stranded on an uncharted continent of magic and wonder. Flying ships, singing trees, spinning castles and the fabled Fountain of Youth greet the discovery team as they scramble to find their way home in this wild, strange, and beautiful land. Brimming with action, adventure, fantasy and romance, the Lands of Forever is the place where anything is possible!

The Lands of Forever is illustrated by Dian Bagent and published by Mirror Publishing. It may be available to the public by Christmas 2011. It will be available at Barnes& and, as well as by request in bookstores all over. For more information or to follow the publication process, visit Ruth Anne Meredith’s website at and click on “Current Progress.”


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