Halloween Icons

Halloween icons – everyone loves them! Ghosts, bats, black cats, haunted houses, owls, skeletons, mummies, vampires, and pumpkins!

If I could choose to embody a Halloween icon, I would probably choose to be an owl. Ghosts are dead and I don’t want to be dead. Bats and black cats are always scared of something, and haunted houses are full of scary dead things. Skeletons don’t have any flesh, mummies are rotten and dead, and vampires suck blood.


And pumpkins – gosh, I would never want to be a pumpkin. They get the tops of their heads cut off and their brains shoveled out onto a plate.

I think I would much rather be a wise little old owl. All I’d have to do is sit on my nice branch in front of the full moon and let out a couple of low hoots every once in awhile to scare everyone off.


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