My Friend, the Vampiress

Me and Di

When I was a freshman in college, I dressed up as Tinker Bell for my Halloween costume and went to the Butler Halloween Party. There, I met a fascinating young lady dressed as the most convincing vampiress you have ever seen. I’m not joking, this girl had fangs that jutted out and they were horrifyingly realistic.

I found out she lived in my building, so we hung out together. We talked about our woes of college and of boys, and our deepest and most passionate talents. I was a writer, and she was an artist.

I was a flower princess. She was the queen of dark. But our differences only made our bond grow stronger. Once I dressed her in my clothes, and lo and behold – she made them look better than I could! I was not a very convincing goth girl, I found.

My concentration was in English, and hers was in Art. She could whip up an image more beautiful than I had ever imagined. I don’t understand why some folks didn’t groove with her style. The darker colors were gorgeous just the way she presented them.

As I surveyed her talent, I studied my own, which is writing. At that time, I was working on my fourth book. One day, it occurred to us that all writers, if they ever expect to have a book published, will need to have an artist.

That was a precious moment for us. I’m not sure if she ever doubted it could happen. I know that I did, especially after a publisher sent my work back sophomore year.

As the years went on, she found a significant other and graduated, and I did both as well. She moved away and I’ve missed her dearly ever since. She was in my wedding in May as one of my bridesmaids. Then, recently, I discovered that I have a chance to see my books published – I have hope.

I contacted her immediately, and she graciously agreed to illustrate my books. I couldn’t be happier. I think it’s a dream come true for both of us.

So this one’s for Dian – the awesomest and most lovable vampiress I will ever have the pleasure to meet. I love you, Di!


One thought on “My Friend, the Vampiress

  1. This has really touched me deeply. I’m so glad we have had this opportunity to help make each other in our dreams. It really was fate that we met and became such close friends. It’s not everyday a vampiress finds a fairie who isn’t afraid of the very site of her :-). I’ve worked everyday on this for you (except a couple a dew days when I was sick) and I really hope you like what I’ve come up with. I’m hoping to have it completed soon! I love you, Ruth Anne!

    P.S. I never doubted you would be successful in this. It was only a matter of time before you would become a best selling author.

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