What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs

Nobody ever wants to visit the dentist. Don’t ask me why. Especially if they fall under the category of male … HOWEVER, if we really intend to preserve our teeth, we’ll go see the dentist. This is something we need, although we may not exactly want it.

Everybody wants a brighter smile. It may not be something we need, but it’s something that a high percentage of us will want.

Very rarely can we find something in our lives that we really want, and really need.

I’m a writer. I need to write. I’m not kidding. All of the other writers out there will understand what I mean when I say that you really do have to write things down or else the ideas will haunt you until you do. I don’t always want to write. Sometimes I’m sleepy or hungry or else jittery and can’t sit still for long.

But, I want to become a published author. I do love what I write, even though I don’t feel so great about it when I’m writing it. Okay, I’ll get over it. I expect to see myself someday standing at a table and signing those beautiful books, sending them in for reviews and selling them online. That is my goal.

I don’t want my 25th birthday to come this Saturday.

But I really need it to.

I despise getting up in the morning, especially if it’s raining and I know I won’t see my husband until late that night when he gets home from work. So, why do I make myself?

Because we need to pay the bills. I am glad to say that I’m needed at my job, and I prize that factor.

But I digress. To find something in life that you truly want and desperately need, both at once, is often miraculous. It’s okay to admit that as humans, we can get pretty picky. Especially with situations we can’t control.

I found something today that I’ve decided I want and that I need: I want and need to be an author.

And by the grace of God, I’m about to see it happen.


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