My Computer, The Dinosaur

It must have been God’s work, I’m telling you.

So my computer is a dinosaur, and the old girl is probably ready for a pc nursing home. It takes me an hour to send an email with a couple of attachments if I don’t treat her right.

So one night I was scrolling along on Facebook, commenting and posting as usual on my friends and family, and I accidentally clicked in the side bar space where Facebook sponsors ads. I knew it had happened because the ancient screen went white because she was thinking so hard, and I became impatient. I didn’t mean to click in that area. Didn’t even see what was there! Mean old machine.

Anyways, I paid dearly for my mistake as I sat in shame for about five minutes, grumbling about how I would have to wait a further five minutes just to redirect the screen back to Facebook so I could continue my social networking.

I was surprised when a website popped up for Mirror Publishing, a small publishing house in Wisconsin for children’s books in fiction.


Not a lot of people know that I’ve written five books and am working on a sixth. My genre is children’s/young adult fantasy adventure. But to my eyes, this page was treasure. I kept asking myself, How could I have missed this?

I sent in a submission with my first three chapters, and the Managing Editor replied recently saying that the piece appeared to be well-written and they would love to talk more about it.

I don’t know if you believe in God, but I do and this is why: because dreams really can come true. Mine did.


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