Sneak Peek at StarChild

It’s hard to admit, but I’ll come out and say it: I’ve had a lot of trouble finding time to sit down and write. Not to worry, my passion for fantasy adventure writing has not yet come to an end. Even though I haven’t been actively writing, I am still actively planning what I will write when I do find time. It’s like I have to choose between wedding planning or writing…

I’m home right now and have absentmindedly forgotten my sixth book in my apartment. I miss it like a child.

So, to fix the storm of ideas that I’m getting now in the absence of my real materials, I’ll give my faithful followers a few sneak peeks at what I’m brewing up for book six.

The main character is a young seventeen-year old girl named Destiny. She is the pampered (and very sheltered) daughter of a pop country star. One day, she discovers herself to be unlike herself, and looking into the mirror, finds that she has somehow grown pointed ears and powers in flight. After a long, revealing talk with her foster mother, she finds that she is from another world, and that someone is coming to take her back. They do not know when.

Destiny is a pretty girl, with long strawberry-blonde hair and sea-green eyes. At seventeen she surpasses many others her own age in the competitive homeschooling realm. And she’s rich – having everything any pop star’s daughter could ever want. Almost everything. But emotionally, Destiny is very distraught at the beginning of this story. She seldom has friends at all since she is so sheltered, and she sees so little of her mother that a behavioral problem growing up (pranks on governesses, acting out for attention) has dwindled into angry silence, followed by a climactic outburst at the very beginning. Her true feelings are that she feels unloved and unwanted, although she secretly knows this isn’t true. She feels like a burden to her mother at times, and doesn’t know why she is there. This is because she is from Forever, and really, technically, isn’t supposed to be there. Finding that her secret past has been kept from her, her emotions lead her to a strange realm of disappointment and near depression.

But Destiny doesn’t have much time to fall too darkly into depression before another surprising event comes into her life. As a result, she enters the Lands of Forever, her birth land, and quickly finds where she has been needed (and hunted) for quite some time.

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination…

Anything is possible!


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