The Most Beautiful Curse

When I first learned that we would be recieving an ice storm, I groaned inwardly. Secretly, I think we all do.

Because ice is dangerous. It’s clear, so you can’t see it. It’s sharp, when broken. It popped one of my tires on my car, once. It’s slick, and you can fall even on the thinnest layer of it.

Ice is probably one of the most dangerous natural curses our world has ever seen. And yet, it is beautiful.

I’m a secretary at a church, and my office has four big windows through which I can view the church parking lot and all of the trees that grow in the planters around it. The sun began to shine through the trees covered in ice today, and they glittered so iridecently that all I could do was stare at them for just a moment.

How could something so dangerous also be so beautiful?

Then I thought about it. Temptation can oftentimes be beautiful (to us), and it’s most certainly dangerous. Sin is even worse. A lot of the things the media puts on in the way of promiscuity and shiny new techno-toys can seem beautiful to us, in that they might bring us happiness or pride. But we seldom realize that we don’t need those things to feel truly happy. If we took the time each day to look inside of us and care to open up to God, we might find that all the peace and happiness we’ve ever wanted is already there in our lives.

I looked at those shining trees, and saw that one of them was dripping. The ice was melting in the sun. Like temptation will do when we refuse to give in to it. The ice on those trees wasn’t going to be around for very long.

When I reached up to touch my hair, my eye caught something glittering on my left hand. Looking again, I spotted the beautiful marquee diamond on my new engagement ring. Something that would be around forever. It reminded me that I would always find happiness in my relationship with my fiance, who is soon to be my husband. Why wouldn’t I? God gave him to me.

As accursed as ice is to our world, I still find it beautiful and useful for being reminded of everyday happinesses that we can all have in our lives.


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