I’m Engaged to the Firstborn Son of Mary and Joseph…

When I was a little girl, I used to dream about Prince Charming. I think most little girls do. And growing up, we ladies are taught by our moms and friends that true love is only a myth, that there is no Prince Charming in the real world.

Hang on a sec. No such thing as Prince Charming? I think not. Good thing I never stopped believing.

Almost a couple years ago I found myself distraught and in the most deplorable situation of my life. I had to withdraw my senior year, second semester from student teaching because of illness. All of my previous relationships had never lasted over two months. At that point, I was just about to give up on looking for Prince Charming, and I almost believed he was never out there.

But I knew God had big plans for me. How? I dunno… I guess I sort of just felt it. So I prayed and shed many tears over my situation. I was so sick of being lonely and dealing with all these things on my own. So I prayed to God, “Well, God, whenever you decide to put a man in my life, I pray only that he might be a GODLY man.”

That is the terminology I used. No joke.

Then I fell madly in love with David, who (lo and behold) is the firstborn son of Mary and Joseph Orzechowski. (I’m not kidding, those are his parents names).

You can’t say that God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Furthermore, both our moms have exactly the same name, spelled the same way: Mary Ann, and both of them grew up next to a Ss. Peter and Paul church. Both David and I were deemed by our pediatricians as “failure to thrive” babies, and we both succeeded. We both used to play with our baby blankets the same way. And that’s not even the end of it.

You can’t look at how two people fit together like that and still convince me that there isn’t a God.

Here’s to all you girls out there, still looking for Prince Charming. I’m telling you, he’s OUT there, and God made him just for you! Wait for him!


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