Why Does Life Happen All at Once?

I don’t know about other people who’ve recently graduated college or are still in college, but I get this weird feeling sometimes when I’m talking to someone that life tries to happen all at once.

“Hey, Ruth Anne!”

“Hey, how are ya?”

“Great! What are you doing these days?”

I mean, what do I say to that? I’m working three jobs (as a church secretary, an apartment manager and a waitress), I’m getting confirmed as a Catholic in April, getting married in May and also getting a house from my grandpa in May. I just can’t say it in one breath.

I used to be able to say, “Oh, not much. Just school and work, y’know, same ol’, same ol’.”

Not anymore. Life has bombarded me with the best and the worst all at once. I really have to wonder why this happens…

I have seen it before. And maybe it’s been happening around me my entire life while I’ve been playing the part of an ADD child and staring at all the other glittery things, like dreaming. I love dreaming. *gawky face*

It seems like life just has a natural way of happening all at once in a person’s life. For years, I’ve been anticipating the possibility of settling down. It’s both weird and neat to see what I’ve always dreamed of happening at once.

And it never happens like you thought it would. Never. I never thought I would marry a guy with the last name “Orzechowski”. You know, when you’re a young girl crushing on some guys, you always think you have specific standards that any single guy must meet before you’ll even consider going out with him.

Let me tell you, compensations are wonderful. You wouldn’t think they would be good, but I’m telling you, they’re wonderful. Because God knows exactly what it is you want even if you don’t know, and he intends to give it to you.

Sometimes, all at once.


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