Creating Forever

I was probably the geekiest 15 year old you had ever seen. No, I mean it. I was a geek, big-time. My shape was a pole, my hair was a jungle, and I wore glasses that were too small for my face. Your typical high school girly-geek.

No one knew I had ideas to start a book series. That’s because they didn’t ask, and I didn’t tell them. Growing up in a small school district, everyone and their mom knew your business. They knew your middle name, all eight of your pets and what you were doing last night instead of your homework. I was scared to tell people about what I really dreamed to do, because I was afraid they might make fun of me.

When I was 15, a couple of my friends invited me to join the track team. I did, but I didn’t really like it. I was never good at any sport, even plain running, because I was clumsy. But despite my physical incapacities, my mind was always at work. My brain was a wonder-world of frightening, fantastic dimensions when I was 15. For years I had written small snatches of stories, probably at least 30 some scenes, which I had never finished. In high school, some of the scenes started to link together, and I began to consider what I should do to make a few sketchy but very good ideas into something bigger.

I think I always knew I wanted to write a book. Deep down, I knew. If you had asked me what I wanted to be in the first grade, I would have told you, “A teacher!”, but even then I was writing little booklets out of scratch paper about “Cat and Dog” and their adventures.

It wasn’t until one special night in March of my 15th year that I really realized that I had the potential to be an author. I’d like to describe that moment to the best of my potential.

We had been at the Rochester track meet. It was getting colder and I had been thinking hard all day about how to piece together the ideas I had into something bigger. When I got on the bus with my swishy sweatsuit and sat in my own seat in the back, the dimming lights of the waning sun outside turned to a giant sunrise in my brain. Of course, like all great ideas, it came to me when I had nothing readily at hand to write on. It was dark, and I was listening to my CD player. But the world inside my brain had suddenly come to life. My mind was spinning. It had to have been from God.

Of course I would call that Land Forever. Forever, the Land. The Land of Forever. That’s how my first book began to germinate. I dreamed up an entire adventure in one night, wrote it all down the next day, and over the next two days, designed, sketched and colored the Lands of Forever. Ever wonder why it looks like a huge amoeba? That’s because I had no certain shape to make it. I literally took my pencil and drew the most random shape I could muster, then I split it up into Realms and filled in the blanks with territory – Forests, Rivers, Castles, the like. I saw what I was drawing in 2D on paper, in 3D in my mind and in my dreams. I still do. In my own mind, I could escape the bore of every Day and stand in the middle of Forever, my own Land, and see fantastical Creatures of my own making and experience the Magic of my own choosing.

My passion for this Land and the adventures that take place in it has led me to finish five whole novels. Right now I am on the 12th chapter of my 6th novel. You can check out my website at for info on the first five finished novels and a sneak peek at the sixth.


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