The Poisonous Black Flower

Most Women don’t like to be called ‘Poisonous’. But Nightshade Blacktail, the Warrior Princess, does.

She’s not like Xena because she’s a Warrior, so don’t get the wrong idea. Since Nightshade was raised by two conservative and protective parents, she’s actually quite modest. Like most Girls in Forever, she wears a frock with the under-dressings. But Nightshade, since she is a Warrior, designed a pair of black battle bloomers and a black tunic to be worn lightly underneath her gowns. She is a pure black KittyVixen, with no spots of discoloring to be found, and her eyes are a light purple color. Her shiny black hair is straight and is grown down to the back of her knees, and she has spidery threads of bangs that hang like shadows over her face. Her ears, like most of her species, are most like the ears of true Four-Legger Animals, since they can twitch and turn and lay back and stand up straight. She does have a long Fox tail. In fact, one of her most adventurous habits (usually when the thrill of danger is on the way) is to twitch and swing her tail, like a Cat preparing to launch.

Nightshade is sixteen years old in the two excerpts previous. She has been told nothing of her birth on Blacktail IsLand or where she has come from. So she speculates on her own, knowing she will get nowhere by asking her parents. She doesn’t like to push them since they are so kind to her, and she does love them very dearly. However, Nightshade knows that something isn’t right. I mean, a black KittyVixen living with two brown Flying Squirrels? Come on, any bumble-head (maybe even Toonad) with half a brain would know that she is not their true daughter. Nightshade is stubborn, also. It is one of her most defining traits. She likes to sneak around Eaglefur’s rule and talk and sing with the MerMaids on the Coast, perhaps hoping that she might someDay understand from them where she came from.

But they don’t tell her. NoCreature tells her until Jagin has already found out that she has lived, and sent Creatures after her to dispose of her. That was a huge mistake. See, Nightshade doesn’t like conflict, but when someCreature threatens her, she knows how to take care of herself. She’s very confident in herself and in her skills, but she is also compassionate. These are common traits of a Warrior in Forever.

And, like all young adolescent Creatures, Nightshade is still growing. She isn’t quite a Woman yet, although she is fast approaching that stage in her development. The reason I say that she is still a Girl is because, although she is an attentive and strong-Spirited Warrior, she is still kind of naïve. She still has that enchanting little-Girl charisma about her sometimes, which can be seen in the things she does. She fidgets and questions and plays just like all Girls do when they are young. I’m not saying that Nightshade is oblivious to the World around her, by any means, but there are several things she has not learned about the World mainly because her parents have kept her from it. The storyline of KittyVixen follows Nightshade through the realms of her final growth stages into Womanhood and her discoveries in herself and in others as she dodges her Bounty Hunters and turns to face her father’s tyranny for the good of her Creatures.


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