My Parents are Squirrels?

This thought must have struck Nightshade, the main character in my second novel KittyVixen, at an early age. And technically, her adoptive parents aren’t ordinary Squirrels, they’re Flying Squirrels.

The story goes that Gingerlily and Eaglefur could not bear their own Children. When Eaglefur suddenly came into the possession of a young Nightshade, the two decided to raise her as their own. Eaglefur immediately recognized Nightshade as being the ill-wanted daughter of King Jagin, and knew that he and Gingerlily were both taking on a huge risk at trying to raise her so close to her homeland, seemingly right under Jagin’s nose. But they wanted a Child so badly that they settled to raise her with no knowledge of her origination, and with strict rules to stay put in the middle of the IsLand.

Gingerlily and Eaglefur both are brown Squirrels, living in solitude together on the Little IsLand Off the Coast of Blacktail IsLand, or more commonly called the Little IsLand. Not much is known about how they came to live there, but they live very happily in a Treehouse in the center of the Forested Isle with little or no visitors from other civilized Creatures. MerMaids flock to the Sandy beaches, often bringing with them old stories of lore from Pirates and Fishermen off of Blacktail IsLand. This is why Eaglefur does not like to hear about Nightshade consorting with the MerMaids, who she is very fond of.

Gingerlily is a quiet, slightly stout and motherly sort of character. She’s very accommodating, assuming her priorities to lie in feeding, clothing, and taking care of her daughter and husband. Her nature is soothing and tender, and she is oftentimes easily distraught. But Gingerlily is also fiercely protective of her family, and is known to flare in temper if she is provoked enough to do so. Overall, her gentle and simply nature makes her an attentive and loving mother and wife.

Eaglefur is also sort of reserved, but not as much as Gingerlily. He is what Forever recognizes as a Warrior, which means he is a protector of the good and innocent. Warriors in Forever are not the same as they are on Earth – in Forever, battles are few and far between and all-out wars are virtually nonexistent. So the terminology, Warrior, means rather that they are well-trained in the arts of fantastic defense and strategy, which is what Eaglefur is. From an early age, he has taught Nightshade to defend herself, thinking that her knowledge of being a Warrior would someday protect her from her father’s wrath. He doesn’t know how right he is. Eaglefur loves his little daughter very deeply, although she is not his own, and will bend over backwards (literally, for he is also quite flexible) to see that she is knowledgable about the World around her. His worst fear is that she will be taken away from him and his wife, and in his fear, he trains Nightshade hard to become the best Warrior she can be. Eaglefur is also fiercely protective of Nightshade, and seeks to pass his wisdom on to her as she grows into the KittyVixen Warrior that he has always known she would be.


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