The Bumbling Idiots

I have rightly termed Toonad and Squeege “the Bumbling Idiots” because that’s just what they appear to be when they are introduced. Like Children, they fight over small matters and speak in a dialect that in Forever is associated with Pirates and sometimes Thieves, assuming they didn’t receive much in the way of formal schooling growing up.

But these two, however dumb and comical they may seem, serve another purpose in the storyline of Nightshade’s life. They are two of her three bounty hunters which her father has sent after her. Again, Jagin’s laziness and fear of Nightshade surfaces as he sends others to complete the task he tried to uphold personally long ago.

Toonad is the shorter and fatter CatFox. He has tan-colored fur and large dark brown spots, which in my mind portrays his build as being quite rotund. Toonad’s hair is very frizzy and long, usually sticking straight up like a balloon had just been rubbed against his skull. He is perhaps the dumber of the two, although he considers himself quite clever at times. What is most prominent about Toonad’s character is his greed; it is seen in his indulgence in food by his structure, and also in his eagerness to accomplish something before he has really thought about how to do it. This brings comic relief to the plot by his mistakes. Toonad’s short attention span and sometimes dreamy nature can also find him in spots of trouble.

Squeege is, in many ways, the opposite of Toonad, which is what makes the two an unpredictable and hilarious duo. Squeege is taller and much skinnier, being marvelously bald, and being dark brown with orange stripes. He is as different from Toonad as the Cubs are different from the Cardinals. He rivals with Toonad for control, always seeking to have power over something. He overthinks things and is very demanding, pushy, and extremely overconfident. I’m not saying that Toonad doesn’t believe in himself, but in contrast to Squeege, he doesn’t think much more about himself than to make himself happy. Squeege seeks to serve the tyrant King Jagin a bit more loyally than Toonad does. Squeege is smarter than Toonad, although he doesn’t always show it, and a touch quicker to pick up on things. Squeege is also very good at theatrics, and can display shows of patience even though his character is not often patient at all.

Together, the two bumbling idiots make a comical and lethal pair as they join their conniving third party and ringleader, Andor, in plotting the death of Nightshade.


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