Excerpt from KittyVixen, Chapter 1

A brief word about the setting before I share this excerpt – My main character, Nightshade, and her adoptive father are sitting on the porch of a Treehouse built in the Forest on the Little IsLand off the Coast of Blacktail IsLand. It is a very small and seemingly insignificant Isle, being only a few miles wide. Nightshade was enjoying the afternoon with her adoptive parents when she and her father noticed something odd about the sounds of the Forest around them.

Excerpt from KittyVixen, Part 1: Escape from the Bounty Hunters, Chapter 1: Nightshade

The voices they heard were loud and clear:

“Awwww, stinkin’ bugs! I ‘ate dis stoopid Forest, an’ ma feet’re tired. Win kin we stop lookin’ Squeegy?”

“Win we find wot wer’ lookin’ fer. An’ donchyoo cawl me Squeegy agin er I’ll tie a flippin’ knot in yer tail an’ shove it up yer nose. Ma name’s Squeege.”

“Awright, awright. Hoi, wot’re we lookin’ fer anyway?”

“A KittyVixen, Toonad, a black ‘un. King Jagin sez she’s s’posed ta ‘ave purple eyes.”

“Oooooo! Is she purty?”


“How’m I s’posed ta know, whiskerchops? I ain’t seen ‘er yet, ‘ave yoo?”

“Nuh-uh, I ain’t. Not a hide ner hair of ‘er. Wot’re we s’posed ta do if’n we do find ‘er, Squeegy?”

“Naow wod I tell ya ‘bowt cawlin me dat?!”


“Maybe dat’ll knock sum sense inta ya, ya lousy, prickle-eared stump! An’ donchyoo amember nuthin’ Andor told us? Wer’ s’posed ta kill ‘er!”

The KittyVixen that fully fit that two Creatures’ description gasped in the Tree high above their heads.


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