The Balance at Blacktail IsLand

In sharp contrast to Jagin’s hateful ways, his wife, Queen Verbena, is very mild. They always say that couples should even each other’s emotions out, and that’s why Verbena is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Jagin. Where he is hateful, she is loving. Where he is Powerful, she is weak and often Powerless. Where he is petulant, she is patient. Where Jagin thinks only of himself, Verbena constantly thinks of others (her Child, for example). Queen Verbena is soft, gentle, beautiful, and eternally patient. She would have to be to put up with the acts Jagin puts on.

In my mind, Verbena and Jagin met long before the Prologue took place. I can see Jagin hiding his selfish nature when he was courting her, and being truly, genuinely in love with her when they were married. And she, as sweet and compassionate as she is, loved him back.

But this is her downfall: she still loves him. Even in his rages, Verbena still finds pleasure in just seeing him, no matter how badly she is treated. The Prologue chapter is also a turning point for Verbena, because for once she realizes how much of a Monster Jagin has become, to try and kill their only Child. Obviously, her emotions are shaken during this scene as she finds herself an admirer still to Jagin, but also a protector of their new Child. She is committed to this new Creature and her well-being, both in her maternal instinct and also in her hopes to keep Jagin’s love alive.

A word on the subjects of Blacktail IsLand. In the Prologue, they are beginning to see where this new King is headed. Several of them may have fled the IsLand after hearing the rumors that the King could not control his own future. But I can easily see several of the CatFoxes, who have always lived there, wanting to stay to see what will happen next. Besides, Blacktail IsLand had always been their home for generations, so why leave the Land of their ancestors and their birth? The CatFoxes on Blacktail IsLand find pride in their home Land and in their Castle, even if the King is a bit mad. Little do they know that their situation is about to become very ugly.


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