Prologue to KittyVixen

Excerpt from KittyVixen, Prologue

The waves splashed loudly up against the high-set Cliff over the Ceaseless Ocean, the Wind blew loudly through the Trees, and the very Stones of the Blacktail Castle rattled and trembled at the Thunder. The Day half, dividing both the Castle and its Kingdom evenly in two, was shrouded over with a dull white Sun muffled from view by dark gray, black and even green Storm Clouds. This was the side of the IsLand that had long ago been Enchanted. The Eastern half was in the dead of Night, as most all of Forever was at that time.

Inside the Castle, walled on all sides save for the Cliff side, something very special was happening. The new Queen of Blacktail IsLand was giving birth. And her quick-tempered husband, King Jagin, was rapidly pacing the hallway outside of the chamber in which his wife was being confined.

The month was EarlySpring, better known as March to those who lived on Earth, and everyCreature in Forever was happily celebrating the birth of a new Year. All over the Blacktail Castle, Creatures were dancing and singing, drinking and cheering, partying and turning on every other light on the whole IsLand. But despite his subjects’ mirth and festivity, King Jagin still paced, impatiently, outside the oaken twin doors of his Queen’s birthing room.

A faded white line was worn into the black Stone in the space before the two wooden double doors where the CatFox King had paced around like a caged Beast, awaiting the approval of his entry. For hours, the short-tempered King had been waiting, passing in between the dull-lit Daytime of the Enchanted half of the Blacktail Castle, and the dark, Stormy Eastern half of Night. His garb was comprised of a puffy-shouldered red and gold tunic, very nicely sewn, with matching breeches and stockings. He wore fine black boots, shined to the lust of a mirror, and a great long red cape that fluttered out behind him like a ribbon when he paced. He also wore a coal black belt and a black leather scabbard, into which was thrust an elegant-looking sword with an enormous red Ruby set in the hilt. He was said to be the best Creature of swordsManship in all the Land, which seemed very believable after seeing one such a King in action practicing in his personal battle chamber, which he so frequently did.

Outside, Lightning cracked and Thunder rolled, the Rain spattered madly against the back Stones, driven sideways by the Wind, and the Seas reared up to splash against the tall, Cliff-like overhang protruding over the Ceaseless Ocean. The Foreveran New Year Celebrations went on.

King Jagin Blacktail the CatFox was a sly Beast. From the top of his pitch-black whiskers to the tip of his bushy, Foxy tail, the ruler was the picture of total evil. CatFoxes in Forever were a combination of a Cat and a Fox Two-Legger (an Animal with Human characteristics), having the torso of a Cat and the bottom half of a Fox. The dividing line between the two species of Cat and Fox was never seen, and always covered with a solid, speckled, or striped color of fur. But the evil King’s fur color was possibly the rarest of all colors to be seen on a CatFox – the mark of his being in superiority to the other Creatures on his IsLand. King Jagin’s fur was pitch black – very rare indeed, not to have a single hair of any other color on him, as was his wife, and the fearless tyrant had blazing red eyes to match the grim, merciless attitude that the King showed to his Creatures. The Ruby on his sword now gleamed in the dull Daylight, almost as red as the flaming eyes of its owner. He turned on his heel and strode into the depths of Night.

Suddenly, a Woman’s voice pierced the air.

“Behold! Queen Verbena, the heir to the throne of Blacktail Castle! Your new-”

“Son!” growled Jagin, bursting through the doors impatiently. “My new son!”

King Jagin had forever longed to have a son, just like himself, to take on the throne when he passed on. And since Kings like Jagin always got what they wanted, Jagin was fully expecting this wonderful prize for a very long time. This first Child could be none other than that long-awaited prize. A baby Boy!

Little did King Jagin know that he was mistaken.

Terribly, terribly mistaken.

As the black-furred King burst into the room, the Midwife who was holding the squalling newborn KitCub (wrapped in expensive black silk and held up in the Sunlight for Queen Verbena to see) turned in exasperated surprise, eyes large. She, like most of the King’s subjects, was also a CatFox, with yellow and tan stripes. Her Catlike ears and whiskers drooped and trembled under the fearless red eyes of her King. Hugging the crying Child to her bosom, she fell upon her knees, facing the cackling black CatFox, and offered the Child up to him. Quivering, she announced in a soft voice,

“Your new… daughter.”

“WHAT?” gasped both Jagin and Verbena at the same time. Jagin scowled at his wife.

“A little Girl?” Verbena chimed hopefully.

“A wretched KittyVixen!” Jagin confirmed in a tone of uncontrollable loathing.

The Queen, Verbena, sat herself up slightly, nearly crying out in delight. She, too, was a pitch black hue without a single spot of white on her whole body She was also stunningly beautiful, a very attractive KittyVixen indeed. (For KittyVixen is the proper term for a female CatFox). She had always prayed, secretly, for a tiny Girl of her own, to teach the Princess all of her generous, courteous ways, and for the Girl to be the first KittyVixen in the long Blacktail family line to be crowned Queen. Generation upon generation had brought only male rulers; and the Law grandly stated that the Firstborn of every royal couple should be the heir to inherit the throne. Verbena, with her cool blue eyes, wept with joy that her lifelong dream had finally come true.


“Arrrrrgh!” bellowed the angry King. In a fit of rage, he upturned a nearby table of towels and ointments and swept the tiny Child away from the trembling hands of the Midwife. “I cannot have this!”

Outraged, the horrible King strode over to the left side of the room, which was enveloped in the darkness of Night, and approached a pair of large glass windows. Violently he flung them open and prepared to thrust the little black bundle out into the roaring Storm.

—To be continued… —


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