The Ceaseless Ocean

Think about the last time you saw the ocean. Any ocean. What ran through your mind? How powerful it was? How deep it was? How far it went?

When I was 18, I saw the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. I was in awe of the majestic beauty it made in connection with the sky and the sand. It seemed to go on forever, disappearing ceaselessly into a misty white line in the distance. Even some lakes are like that. It was because of that original inspiration that I gave a name to the Ocean in Forever.

Forever’s mainLand and nine IsLands are surrounded by a very large body of Water which is one enormous Ocean, called the Ceaseless Ocean. It is very much like the oceans we know, having its Hurricanes and mild Mist-filled mornings. The Ceaseless Ocean is surrounded on its boundaries by a thick line of Mist which no Creatures in their right minds will cross.  It ebbs and flows, carries Pirates and Merchants and Travelers, and hosts a wild population of Merfolk.

The Ceaseless Ocean is the same Ocean which clashes against the Southern Cliffs of Blacktail IsLand, where the Blacktail Castle sits prominently on the Rock.

Tomorrow, I will share an excerpt from my second book, KittyVixen.


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