Blacktail IsLand

The Lands of Forever has nine IsLands off of the mainLand. Blacktail IsLand, which is the IsLand where the first portion of KittyVixen takes place, is located off of the Western Coast of the MainLand. It is an oval-shaped IsLand lush with Meadows and Forest and a magnificent Castle on the Southern Cliffs. But an Enchantment was long ago cast on Blacktail IsLand so that exactly half of the IsLand saw the Day that the rest of Forever saw, while the Enchanted half saw the Night. During Forever’s Night, the Enchanted half will see Day. And the Castle, called the Blacktail Castle, sits right in the middle of the separation line.

I always thought it would be confusing for the characters when I set up an IsLand with an Enchantment like this. But as this story developed, I found that if I placed myself in their shoes, I wasn’t confused as much as I thought I would be. My body’s time clock was on with the rest of Forever no matter how light or dark it was. I found the Enchantment of Blacktail IsLand to be more instrumental in the portrayal of my character’s emotions, and more a sign of wonderment in Forever’s unique nature than anything else.

The population of Blacktail IsLand is mostly that of Catfoxes. The Castle Blacktail is also very old, and the Catfoxes of its Kingdom have been on the IsLand as the majority population since its construction long, long ago.


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