The next set of blogs I will write will focus more on characters and scenes from my second book, KittyVixen.

In Forever, there is a myriad of different kinds of Creatures. Later I will describe several of these Creatures. But before I go much further with analyzing the characters from KittyVixen, I must describe one Creature in particular. This Creature is called a CatFox.

CatFoxes in Forever are part of the Two-Legger Animals. Two-Legger Animals are Animals with all Human characteristics apart from the fact that they are still Animals. They walk like us, talk like us, are shaped like us, only with fur and whiskers and quite often, tails. They do have hair on their heads, also. CatFoxes are a special Two-Legger Creature which is a cross between a Two-Legger Cat and a Two-Legger Fox. From the waist up, they have the physique of a Cat, while from the waist down, they have the body of a Fox. The line which separates the two species is never visible. The types of fur CatFoxes can have are relatively any kinds that Four-Legger Animals (like those on Earth) can have. Some are patterned with stripes or spots, while others are solid colors of red, brown, black, white, or orange.

KittyVixen is the term for a female CatFox. My main character in my second book is this.


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