The Forbidden Princes

Once they were Princes. But they are seemingly forbidden to speak of it, by no other Creatures than themselves. Nelson and Theo, the two Halfbreeds (Half-Human, Half-Elves) meet Serena and the discovery team in the Golden Plains. As it seems, they are wandering about on a quest of their own, and in my mind they are running from something. But what? Serena doesn’t find out until much later in her life and after her adventures as a young Creature in the Lands is passed.

Nelson and Theo do not offer a last name to the team. Nelson is a young Man about Serena’s age, dressed in what most young Foreveran Boys wear, which is hoes and a tunic. He has curly Sand-colored hair which is short, pointed eartips, and green Elf eyes. Nelson also has the hereditary ability to fly. In his element, Nelson is a great help to the team. He warns them of the Land, guides them, and protects them. He seems to have nothing to do but to see them through the Lands to find what they’re looking for. The team is very grateful for his assistance, and comes to rely heavily on him in several close cases. But when Nelson is not acting as an escort to the team, he enjoys a joke or two and sports with a good sense of humor. There is something strange and drawing about Nelson which intrigues Serena, who likes him from the beginning. There is some secret about him which she later discovers on her own.

Theo is a younger version of Nelson, constantly following him around and learning to fly and swing a sword. He is seven years old and very adventurous, as the team members soon find. Being so young, he is easily frightened of certain dangers in the Foreveran World, and in some moments he clings to Nelson as he would a father. Theo is very proud of his background, whatever it is, and tremendously proud of what little he does know about the Land he lives in. He shares all of it with the curious travelers. Sometimes Theo appears to need a motherly or a big sisterly figure also. Lindsey and Serena are quick to open their arms to the young Boy in his developmental stages.


2 thoughts on “The Forbidden Princes

    • Yes, Elves usually learn to fly as very young Children, about the time Humans and other Two-Legger Creatures learn to walk. Elves have a more concentrated Magical ability than Halfbreeds, so Halfbreeds have only part of the Magical ability and learn to fly later on. Theo is seven and just learning to fly.

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