Nelson and Theo

The excerpt I will show toDay is one in which Serena and the discovery team meet the first Human-like Creatures in Forever. To preface, Theo is a Child, and Serena has met Nelson before, briefly.

Excerpt from The Lands of Forever, Part 2: The Lands of Forever, Chapter 14: Thunder Giants

Standing on the Rock, Jerry propped a hand on his hip and used the other to shield his eyes from the shimmering Earthlight (which Serena learned was like Moonlight, only blue) that washed over the Plains. He squinted with his eyes to the surrounding horizon. After a short pause, he pointed NorthEast and proclaimed,

“There – over there’s a little clearing.” He made to jump off of the Rock, but his eyes snapped back to the clearing as he spotted something unusual. “Whoa, wait a minute – what was that? Something just landed in it!”

Unexpectedly, Theo climbed up onto Jerry’s back and perched on his shoulder. He looked hard at the spot, then jumped down quickly as realization seemed to dawn on him.

“Nelson! My brother! He is hurt!” he yelled, then jumped off the Rock he had landed on and vanished into the Moonlit Prairie Grass. “Come on!”

A lump of emotion having fallen upon her chest at hearing his words, Serena slipped off the Rock silently and was the first to dash after the Halfbreed. She felt very sure-footed running barefoot though the Prairie Grass, feeling her heart throbbing within her. Ignoring blistered feet and sore muscles, she panted to keep up with the fast little Boy. She heard the fumbling and bumbling of the others behind her as she sped ahead, worried about what fate had befallen her new friend.

Nelson sat in the clearing, casting aside his moccasin and cleansing the gash on his calf with Herbs from one of his four pouches. Theo arrived first, kneeling by his brother’s side to help bandage the wound. Then Serena emerged in a flurry of rosy cheeks and bouncing Sun-blonde ringlets. She immediately flung the knapsack from her back and produced from it the first aid kit.

“What is that?” Nelson wanted to know, wincing as Theo ripped at the tear in his leggings to get a better look. Jerry, Mike, and Bob arrived, panting heavily, followed by Lindsey and Kate, puffing as well.

“Medicine from Earth. It will help you heal faster.” Serena answered. She opened the kit to reveal bandages, cleansing cloths, ointment and other medical emergency items. Using her knapsack, she elevated his left leg (the one that was wounded) to pave the way for Lindsey, the nurse of the team.

“Let me have a look…” Lindsey gasped, squatting beside Serena. Serena moved over to allow the nurse to do her job. Immediately after pulling on plastic gloves, she set to work cleansing, treating, and bandaging the wound.

“Nothing serious,” she observed, “though it does look pretty deep.”

“What did this to you?” Serena rasped, moving around the brown-haired Girl to snatch up Nelson’s hand. Nelson watched Lindsey spread a clear salve over the bleeding gash, then blanched and looked up at Serena piteously.

“I ran into trouble with a Chimera, though I don’t suppose you know what that is.”

The other five explorers dropped their knapsacks and moved into a circle around Nelson, curious.

“Is this the rest of your crew?” he flinched, sitting himself up on his elbows.

“Yes,” Serena chuckled, rubbing his large knuckles comfortingly. She used her other hand to point to the members as she introduced them. “That’s Kate with the black hair, standing next to Jerry, who didn’t mean to scare you off by the way. Then there’s Mike with the glasses and Bob, Lindsey, here next to me, and I don’t suppose you would know your own brother, would you, Nelson?”

The Boy chuckled half-heartedly as he tried to sit up some more. Failing, he rested back on his elbows.

“How did you know my name?” he inquired. Theo sat down next to his brother, rising dust to his face. Nelson coughed. “Oh, you.” he grumbled. “I got your string.”

Theo smirked and clapped his hands.

“Oh, yippee! Where is it?”

Nelson blew a flyaway piece of hair from his eyes.

“Sitting over there with my bow and quiver.”

The little Halfbreed Boy needed no second bidding.

“I never did learn your name, though.” Nelson said, staring innocently up at the Girl studying the sharp tooth that hung around his neck. She set it back down gently upon his chest.

“Serena.” she said with a smile. She looked over to admire Lindsey’s work. “And the next Chimera that wants to pick a fight with you is going to have to go through me, first.”

“Alas, the poor Beast…” Nelson mumbled, attempting a fake cough. Serena smiled wickedly at him and tweaked his nose.


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