My Literary Sin

Already in my previous blogs you may have noticed that I have a tendency to capitalize certain nouns which you know are common. Boys and Girls, Day and Night, Meadows and Mountains. To the trained eye, it looks like a literary sin. I know. But there is a method for the madness. The reason I capitalize common nouns such as these are because when I use them, I am referring specifically to Foreveran things which are native to Forever and cannot be mistaken for any other World’s. In some of my books, a main character may begin on Earth. When I compose those parts, I do not capitalize the common nouns I use. That’s why I didn’t capitalize the nouns in the first excerpt with Bertha and Serena, but later in the Cave with the Dragons, I did capitalize certain nouns.  However, when my characters are in Forever, I am capitalizing the nouns I use. Some of the categories that I capitalize are Creatures, Cities, Lands, Plants, and increments of time, such as Days and Months. I’m really not crazy, I just want to make a clear distinction between things Foreveran and things of other Worlds.

Months in Forever are called different names than they are on Earth. Since Forever is a place of great natural influence, a great majority of the Creatures believe in the dying, rebirth, and the flourishing of the Land between the Seasons. Accordingly, March is EarlySpring and is the New Year Month for Foreverans. April is MidSpring and May is LateSpring. Each Season is named according to which time in the Season it falls on, and that is the name of the Month. I was born in the Month EarlyAutumn. Which Month were you born in?


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