Team Members in The Lands of Forever

I like waking up to the sound of classical music played by my father on his piano. The smell of freshly-ground coffee is also alluring during the early hours. However, I find great difficulty in perceiving just how young Serena Gordon, my main character, feels when she wakes up to the wide eyes of a real Dragon.

In fact, the Creature she encounters is a Dragonling, a Child. In my idea, Keffle the Dragonling is nothing more than about 5 or 6 years old. Since her horns are small stubs, that shows she is still under the age of about 10 years, when Dragons in Forever mature enough to have very sharp, though still growing, horns. Her colors on her scales are one in a million examples of the spectral colors that Dragon scales can have. Most colors are hereditary through Dragonic families. I may further discuss the nature of Dragons in Forever in a later blog post, since my fifth book, The King of Dragons’ Prophecy, directly focuses on Dragons.

Today I’d like to focus more directly on the team members of Serena’s expedition. Saturday’s excerpt mentions a character named Jerry, who dashes at Serena in protection near the end of the excerpt. He is the team leader and doubles as a body guard to Serena, who is the youngest of the team. Jerry is tall and muscular, relatively clean-shaven, with brown hair and grayish eyes. Even from the beginning, he finds Serena a fascinating Girl, and befriends her quickly. Bob is the technology expert, and is very tall with long, dark brown hair usually drawn back in a ribbon. He is probably the shyest of the team members, although he is the oldest and very smart. Mike is the wildlife and terrain expert, a slightly shorter and slightly chubby man with tiny round glasses. In the 8th chapter of The Lands of Forever, Mike is the one who suspects the shed skin they found in the Cave belonged to a giant Lizard of some sort. Kate is the navigator, having an excellent sense of direction. However, she seems to find trouble getting along with the other team members, especially Serena, and loves to complain. She has shoulder-length black hair and small dark eyes. In addition, Kate sometimes appears to find an attraction in Jerry. Lastly, the team member’s nurse is Lindsey, who is talkative and very amiable, with short curly brown hair and brown eyes. Lindsey is the closest of the Girls to Serena, and acts very sisterly in several occasions toward her.

Like all teams, the discovery team is not perfect. They have their disagreements, times of doubt and discovery, and moments of joy and victory just like any other team. Their main purpose in The Lands of Forever is to discover and bring back a portion of what they discovered from whatever it is they venture out to find. In The Lands of Forever, they find themselves vulnerable to fear and truth, and they discover something far more Magical than anything they could have imagined.


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