The Lands of Forever

So… my good friend Alex Serrano suggested I blog on some of the deeper details of my books. (I think he’s interested in them. *smiley face!*) Today I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed with all this new stuff. You see, within a single day’s time, I managed to create a working website, a new twitter account, a blog, and to link them all plus my email to the new website. I find it fascinating how everything on the internet is related. Just today I linked my twitter account to my new facebook page, which is also linked to the website.

But I think I like the blogging part the best, because that’s when I get to do what I was born to do. To write.

I think for today I’ll just drop some meaty tidbits on my first book.

My main character is named Serena Gordon and she’s 16 years old. Being an orphan, she has a guardian that treats her a bit like the evil stepmother treats Cinderella, not to mention the evil, fat cat called Beauty that lurks in their home in Springfield, IL. But one day, Serena is called into a scientific institution in Chicago. One of her ancestors from the 1800s left behind a diary that was just discovered, and since Serena is the last of the Gordon line, it is presented to her. However, the diary comes with an offer. Since the old writings of her ancestor describe strange happenings on the ocean, Serena is given the option to follow a discovery team onto the Atlantic Ocean to find out why two ships mysteriously disappeared at the same location.

But a Storm arises while they’re on the ocean, with electric blue lightning. The team members crash and escape the mad waves. They are soon washed up on a new, unchartered continent teeming with strange and wonderful Creatures. It is called the Lands of Forever.


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