I used to hate computers. I really, really did. In fact, once I took a class in my Education courses at Blackburn College called “Integration of Technology in Education”, and I built a website the harrrrrrd way. I cried. But I found this website called and even I, yes, the insufferable blonde, was able to create a website for my book series that I might be proud of. Haha, okay, I am proud of it.

Blogging is new to me… and although some people do it every day, I may not have access to working internet more than once or twice a week. However, writing has always come easy and so I’m sure I’ll become comfortable eventually. Mostly, I’ll blog on my progress with my sixth book.

A couple weeks ago I had a really good brainstorm for the characters and the story threads in my sixth book, StarChild. In fact, I’ve still got a lot of really good ideas that are screaming to come out of my fingers, but I’ve had to put it on hold to do some research. You see, I’m incorporating Pteradactyls in my sixth book, but I can’t describe them accurately until I’ve done some research. My brother, Owen, was once a dinosaur nerd as a child and so he’s kindly bestowed me with one of his old dino-directory books that describe different dinosaurs.

Hopefully I’ll get my hands on it tonight and be back in business with chapter 8 tomorrow!


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